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        Eaton Halo RL56 review: Upgrade your existing canisters to smart and efficient LED lighting


        Date:2017-12-13 11:30:00

        If you haven’t remodeled in recent years, you might be surprised to find that new canister-style lights no longer include the traditional recessed receptacle that accepts a screw-in bulb. Rather, the light fixture itself is static, including a ring of LEDs inside a sealed module. When the LEDs eventually die (after 10 years or so), you just replace the whole thing rather than removing and screwing in a new light bulb.

        What’s wrong with the old way? These new designs are considerably smaller than old canisters, are easier to install, and generally look better. (It also keeps homeowners or renters from subbing in their own power-hungry bulbs.)

        But what if you already have older-style canisters in your ceiling? Eaton’s Halo Connect line offers a smart way to retrofit them, not by merely replacing an old incandescent BR style bulb with an LED, but by sliding in an entirely new downlight fixture that instantly modernizes the old unit.

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