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        Spend less time setting up lighting and more time getting work done with the Luminoodle Task!


        Date:2017-12-13 15:24:00

        It seems like you never have the right lighting right where you need it. How often have you found yourself propping up your phone with the flashlight on, or using some other makeshift solution to give you lighting when you're fixing something in a dark corner of your home, working outside at night, or in your dimly lit workshop?

        Power Practical has been working hard to brighten our world with its line of flexible lighting solutions and the Luminoodle Task is its most powerful and flexible product yet! The Luminoodle is an ultra thin, flexible LED utility light that comes in three varieties — the Luminoodle Task, Task Link, and Task USB. The Task and Task Link run off of a 12V power source and are capable of a maximum brightness of up to 3,600 Lumens, while the USB version is capable of up to 1,000 Lumens — slightly underpowered, but infinitely more portable when paired with a USB power pack.