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        Toledo City Council approves Mayor's LED street lights


        Date:2017-12-13 16:18:00

        They approved her moving forward to find an LED street lighting plan.

        The total cost for the street lighting program in 2018 is more than $4,000,000. Last month, she asked for $400,000 for the project. That included money for the downtown area.

        "This legislation is about building strong and safe neighborhoods, and has been a cornerstone for what I believe will improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods,” said Hicks-Hudson on November 21st.

        The next step for the city will be to find out how best to install the lights. Council Member Lindsay Webb says there are a number of different options.

        "One would be involved with Toledo Edison and creating a partnership with Toledo Edison. Another route would be for the city to basically buy its own poles and run its own infrastructure. So what we're doing is engaging in a process of what that really looks like."

        Palmer Energy and Luna Energy Partners will work together to figure out the best choice for the city, and give them financial specifics.

        The vote to move forward with the LED light technology was unanimous.

        "I essentially see this as one of those foundation blocks that the mayor has sat down that when we look back in ten years, will see that this was really the turning point. That we were able to upgrade the lighting in the city of Toledo and provide greater safety. When things are well lit, it creates a different atmosphere at night."

        Webb thinks the Palmer and Luna evaluations will be done sometime before the middle of next year.